Make external backups, to be more protected…

Online Backup

Backup of your data is essential for the continuity of your business. It's not possible today to take the risk of losing data, block production. External backups is protected against multiple risk without setting up an expensive infrastructure. Globally, for all companies the main consequences of data loss are: loss of customers (49%), degradation of the reputation and brand image (47%), loss of turnover business (41%), increase in spending (39%) and fall of the share price (20%).

How cost a data ?

According to a survey of more than 4,500 companies in 38 countries, information costs each year 877 billion euros to companies around the world, or 1100 billion of dollars. Since confidential customer information to the financial transactions, through intellectual property, companies have enormous amounts of information that not only allow them to be competitive and efficient, but also, and just continue their activity. This study reveals that digital information represents up to 49% of the total value of a company. Will you lose 49% of your business without reacting?