Your hosted server

Your dedicated hosted server 

Your server hosted by CSTI, to run your web applications, with many possibilities of options and customizations, still hosted in our data centers exclusively in Switzerland. 

With an operating system such as Linux, with the latest distribution (like UBUNTU, CentOS, Suse, Debian etc ..), BSD (FreeBSD, OpenBSD, etc ..), Windows (2008R2, 2012 2012R2 etc ..) we will find the one that best suitable for you. So you can confidently use your applications, we can also setup and monitor.
Traditionnaly, we could find the LAMP server (Linux Apache MySQL and PHP), but also very specific servers, including Windows associated with MS SQL server, IIS and Sharepoint. With the resources to meet exaclty your needs, and ongoing monitoring, you control costs and scale-up. You can build your own server with features you needs, or ask us to do it, like OwnCloud Server or Microsoft Sharepoint Server

VPS List