Hosted Virtual desktop : your Cloud !

Your office need more mobility ? 

CTX P Service Provider Dimensional RGBSelect our virtual desktop solution, 100% Cloud ! Access from anywhere, whithout any sacrifice for security. Your data are secured on our servers, based only on Switzerland, and our support team is ready for helping you !RemoteApp

Based on proven and reliable technology, we size exactly all services on your demand, to fit your business. Each customer have what he really needs, with or whitout Microsoft Office, a business application (CRM, ERP etc) or more. With our partnership Microsoft and Citrix, and our experience in this particular domain, we can propose adaptated solution, which can evolve, and preserve your budget. You can retreive your favorites applications, or a full desktop, in a Cloud, for you, and for each user of your company.

Do not hesitate to contact us for a customized offer.